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How To Save On Your Gas Bill This Winter

The most common question we are asked at TGPS  during winter is, “How do I save on my gas bill?” People looking for a gas fitter on the Sunshine Coast are often interested in hearing their take on the subject, so here are a few methods by which you may save money on your gas bill. 

Invest in Double Glazing

The amount of heat you lose through your windows is legendary. Install double glazing to keep most of the heat in, and then invest in thick curtains to keep the heat in at night. 

Get Draught Excluders

Do not just put them in front of your external doors, also buy the sticky excluders. They are strips of foam that you install around the doors in your house. It stops heat from escaping between your rooms. 

Check Your Roof Insulation

You probably have roof insulation, but you need to check it to see if it is still doing its job. There may be areas where the wood beams are not covered, which makes parts of the roof cooler than other parts.

Warm Things Up in Your Microwave

It is true that some savoury and pastry dishes do not taste as good if they are warmed in the microwave, but always try to opt for heating things up in the microwave because it is far more efficient than using your gas oven!

Turn Down the Heat in Unused Rooms

Is there any need to keep your radiator on full in your spare room, in utility room, attic, cellar, etc. There are rooms you hardly use, and they do not need to be heated. They are not going to freeze through the day and night, so turn down or turn off the radiators in those rooms.

If you are looking for the best gas fitter the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Or, if you are having problems with your plumbing, draining, or gas fittings, then get in touch with TGPS plumbing for a quote.

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