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The Danger of Unblocking a Drain DIY

A blocked drain is never a convenient problem to deal with. That’s when it’s time to call the experts at TGPS Plumbing. In addition to gas fitting and plumbing on the Sunshine Coast, we are also experts at unblocking drains throughout your property. There are several good reasons why you shouldn’t try to do the job yourself. Here’s why it’s always better to leave it to the pros.

You Can Make it Worse

If you don’t use the correct tool to insert into your drain, you can make the problem worse. Instead of removing the blockage, you may simply push it farther into the drain, complicating the issue. Our expert plumbers arrive with the proper tools for the job that’s needed so that the debris is removed completely and the problem is resolved.

You Could Damage Your Pipes

Without the right materials to correctly unblock your drains, you could wind up damaging them and creating a bigger problem. This is especially likely if your pipes are old, rusted or corroded. You might want to have those pipes replaced eventually, but if you simply want to unblock the drains, you don’t want to risk a more costly and inconvenient problem, which is why it’s always better to give us a call.

It Takes Longer

Trying to unblock your drains in your own could take much longer than if you let the pros do it. Not only does this put your drains out of commission, but it requires a lot of time and effort on your part. Instead of wasting time trying to fix the problem yourself, give us a call and we’ll get it done quickly so your life can get back to normal in no time at all. That way no one is stuck without a sink, toilet or shower drain that’s operable.

Professional Results

Even if you can successfully unblock your own drain, you probably won’t get the results you would if you let us do it for. We can come with the training and experience necessary to unclog any drain with the correct tools. That way the job is done in a way that ensures that you won’t be facing the same problems in the near future. If you want a job you can count on being done in a professional way, it’s best to call us instead of trying to do it yourself.

If you have a blocked drain or any other plumbing or gas problems, you can call TGPS Plumbing, Draining and Gas Fitting and a friendly, knowledgeable member of staff will be happy to help you organise the fix.

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