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Two Shower Heads - Is It Really That Great?

Showering can be a great way to start the day, and when you are hotel or resort, it can be an amazing experience.

You come home to your normal shower and feel a little let down, and you wonder whether there is something wrong with your showerhead.

What your TGPS plumber on the Sunshine Coast is likely to find is that there is nothing wrong with your shower, but that you are missing the amazing power of a dual showerhead.

What is a dual showerhead?

Unlike the traditional shower head used by most domestic plumbing, the dual showerhead is favoured by most commercial buildings because it offers an improved showering experience.

In this system, there is a standard showerhead alongside a larger shower head which is at a higher position. There are several reasons why this is extremely popular with users.

Greater spray coverage

With the double head system, you get a wider surface area covered by spray. This means that you don't have to constantly move around in the shower to cover all of your body, and you can also share the water with a loved one.


You already know that when you are using a single shower head, there are certain parts of the body that can't be reached.

Double showerheads can be adjusted, so that you get a greater reach for those difficult areas. You can stand still, and let the showerhead to do all the work.


If you are looking for the best way to improve your shower and make it into something great, then you can get help from TGPS to choose the perfect combination of showerheads.

A range of showers allow you complete control over both heads, giving you the best temperature and allowing you to greatly improve your shower experience.


Save time

If you have a lot of family members to get through the shower in the morning, then dual showerheads can really help you. Not only can they provide a faster shower for individuals, but if you are washing children then you can use the two heads separately, showering them together to save time.


Get your dual showerhead installed

If you have decided that two showerheads are the perfect way to meet the needs of your family, then you need to contact a plumber on the Sunshine Coast with the skills to install the two shower heads. TGPS are here for all your shower installation needs, so reach out to us today by contacting us online or call 1300-422-566 for a free quotation.

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