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What Can Plumbers Do?

At TGPS Plumbing, our well trained and experienced plumbers can help you with anything from blocked drains to broken garbage disposals, pool plumbing issues and more.

As with electrical, it is always best to contact a specialist, even if you are a DIYer of the 21st century. Luckily, TGPS Plumbing have you covered from all aspects:

Blocked drains

One of the most common reasons people will call a plumber is for blocked drains. Even though you try everything to avoid it, they are inevitable. Whether it’s in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, shower, bathtub, or toilet, for experienced plumbing on the Sunshine Coast, TGPS Plumbing are the ones to call.

With High-Pressure Jetter Cleaning and CCTV Drain Camera Viewing, your drains are sure to be clear in no time at all.

Garbage disposal units: installation, repair and removal

If your garbage disposal unit isn’t grinding the food, is backed up, or just simply stops working, our plumbing specialists are here to save the day! Whether you require a new Garbage Disposal Unit, repair of an old one or have decided that it’s just not for you and would like it removed, we’ve got you covered.

Pool plumbing

Every pool owner knows that owning a pool isn’t all about laughter and enjoying a swim in the sun. Sometimes, they are just painful. For those unenjoyable moments, TGPS are here. We can do both pool storm water diversion and back-wash plumbing. We’ll make sure your pump is operating efficiently and can help you ensure that your pool overflow water is discharging properly. Click here to read more about our pool plumbing solutions.

Toilet / tap repair and replacement

Sometimes toilets and taps just don’t work the way they should. Whether you’re having drainage problems or your toilet won’t flush all the way, our plumbers can help. Our specialists will use CCTV Drain Cameras, to determine if there are any blockages prior to making repairs or replacements depending on the problem.

Leaks and burst pipes

There’s nothing worse than water leaks or burst pipes, but we can help with both problems. We won’t simply patch things up and leave you to it. We will find the problem that caused the leak or burst pipe and fix it at the source so that your water supply is turned back on and ready to use as soon as possible.

Even for a competent DIYer, there are plumbing jobs best left to the experts. For plumbing on the Sunshine Coast, call TGPS Plumbing to help you figure out the problem and get it fixed as soon as possible.

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