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What Does a Gas Fitter Do?

Finding a proper gas fitter on the Sunshine Coast is vital for safety in your home. This is not work you want to do yourself unless you are skilled and experienced with it.

TGPS Plumbing can help you with all of your gas fitting needs. For peace of mind and the utmost safety for you and your family, give us a call today. Here’s what our professional gas fitters can do for you:

Advice and maintenance

One of our primary services is to help you maintain your gas lines, so they are always in top working order. We can also give you advice if you need repairs or replacement by doing regular inspections and helping you note wear and tear or damage that needs our attention. This is important for safety reasons, but also the functioning of your gas lines. 

Gas work

Our professional gas fitters can test, repair, replace and install a wide variety of gas works.

We can work on hot water systems, cookers, BBQs, pizza ovens, outdoor heaters and regulators. Not only that, they can also work on the gas pipes that supply your appliances, including the stove, oven and heater.

All of our work comes with a Gas Compliance Certificate and Gas Appliance Plate that backs up the quality and assurance of all of our work.

Investigating gas fires and explosions

Some gas fitters are trained and able to help investigate gas fires and explosions. They will assess the scene and help determine what caused the fire or explosion so that steps can be taken to ensure safety and prevent it from happening again. We can also make recommendations for replacing and repairing any damage to the gas system that may have occurred as a result.

Installation and repairs

Another thing that our gas fitters can do is repair damaged gas lines and gas appliances. We also install new pipes and systems for new homes or if you decide to renovate your home. They can fit outdoor cooking spaces and even work on your furnace. We send our experienced gas fitters to help you with any repair or installation project. We’ll always ensure your safety and assure that gas systems are working correctly.

Whatever issue you are having that requires a gas fitter on the Sunshine Coast, call TGPS plumbing today. You can book an appointment or ask for assistance in an emergency.