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Bathroom Renovations Sunshine Coast

Getting your bathroom renovated on the Sunshine Coast?

We can help with all your plumbing, drainage and fit off of fixtures. Working in with your builder we are able to fit the project timeframe into our schedule to ensure your bathroom is delivered on time.

If you're moving fixtures to new locations or just replacing pipe work in the existing positions, our plumbers are qualified and experienced in rough in works, meaning you can trust our service.

With over 20 years experience in maintenance plumbing, our service is efficient, as experience has provided knowledge and skill enhancement, so you're job is in safe hands.

Not undertaking a full bathroom renovation?

If you're giving your bathroom a face lift by replacing existing fixtures we can assist with experience in a variety of styles of fixture installations.  

This can include toilet, tap ware, shower tapware, vanity (floor mounted or wall hung), shaving cabinets and bathware installations.

Our refurbuishment service offers coodination of waterproofing and tiling services whereby a replacement fixture has removed existing tiles or compromised a waterproofing membrane.

Licenced and insured by Queensland Building Construction Commission Home Warrany Insurance (works over $3300) our work is guaranteed against major defects for 6.5 years.

A new shower installed by a TGPS plumber on the Sunshine Coast A new toilet installed in a bathroom renovation on the Sunshine Coast by TGPS Plumbing A bathroom vanity installed in a new bathroom by TGPS plumbers A new bathroom installed on the Sunshine Coast by TGPS Plumbers

Moving drainage in slab[−]

If you're dream bathroom means moving the shower, vanity or toilet to a different location then we can help. We cut the concrete for the new waste pipe work and run the connection to existing services.  Meaning that you're not restricted by what is existing and can design your room to the latest trend.

Works over $11,500 needs a Builder or Owner Builders Licence[+]

Did you know that if you're planning on coordinating your renovation that if total works exceeds $11,500 you need to a Builder?  

The alternative is to gain an Owner Builder status from QBCC so that you're educated in contract management and quality control of Trades and contract and dispute process management.

This is due to the complying with legislative requirements, Australian Standards and project managements of bathroom coordination whereby up to 7 Trades can go through your room to obtain a final product.  That's a lot of Trades to contract, communicate and quality control.  

We hold a Restricted Builders licence for bathrooms, kitchens and laundries therefore qualify to organise trades on your behalf.