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Blocked Drain Plumber Sunshine Coast

Sewer and Storm Water Issues

Blocked drains causing sewer back up and effulent overflow are never ideal, however we are equiped with a high pressure 4300 psi jetter to blast through your blocked drain concerns.  

Our CCTV camera then follows the cleared drain to determine the cause of the blockage, followed by a quote for repair.

Call us on 1300 422 566 to book in for a flat fee of $330 incl GST for blocked drain clearing and when a jet is completed, the camera service is only an additional $154 incl GST.

Free quotes on repairs will also give you the knowledge you need to proceed with repair.

Causes of Blocked Drains[−]

Blocked drains in sewer and storm water lines are often caused by tree root intrusion which causes obstructions in the line.  While our high pressure jetter can break and move the tree roots into the main sewer or storm water system as debris, there is often a break left in the line from where the root entered the drainage system.  

We can locate the exact location of the break and then dig up the pipe work to effect a repair.  We can repair a section or if the line has several intrusion points, breaks or crushes, then we can replace the entire section.

We also apply a product called Rootex which discourages the growth of tree roots through drains.  This provides you with peace of mind that your sewer or storm water line won't back up again due to tree root intrusion.