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Hot Water System Installation Sunshine Coast

Hot water, we all love it and are first to squeal if it runs out.  That's why we offer a prompt service for temporary electric hot water system installation to give you time to obtain quotes and make a decision about the type of system you want for your home.  Call our service line on 1300 422 566 to arrange for installation of our temporary system, we can provide a free quote at the time of supply to save you time in obtaining quotes.

Considerations for the type of hot water system to suit your needs vary dependant on quantity of people using service, if natural gas is available or storage, budget, space and environmental impact.

Our most common installation is electric storage, mainly due to availability and ease of installation using existing pipe work, plus the demand to get hot water back on fast.

There are a variery of types of hot water system available to the consumer.  Choice offer an informative analysis of hot water systems, while they don't compare models it provides information on each type of system.

While this source from Rheem is not endorsed by our company, the information it provides for a consumer is very informative and will assist in your overall decision making process.

  • Cost Calculator
  • Electric storage
  • Electric instant
  • Gas instantaneous
  • Gas storage
  • Heat pump
  • Solar

Benefits of Heat Pump[−]

A heat pump works similar to an air conditioner, instead of pumping out cool air, the system draws in ambient air from external to unit and transfers the heat in an exchange system to the water stored in the tank.

The environmental benefits of a heat pump sit mainly in their power effeciency and reduced carbon footprint, in comparison with an electric and gas system.  With a draw on power of less than an electric system and removal of gas consumption,  the impact to our power grid and natural resources is reduced.

The cost benefit of heat pumps is that STC credits can be claimed at the time of purchase meaning that you receive a reduced price on the unit.  The unit also draws less kW to operate as compared to an electric unit, reducing your power bill.

For an example of pricing see Hydrotherm as well as additional cost comparisons, warranty and operating information.  We install this model frequently as well as Rheem and Quantum.  It is best to complete independent research to ensure you are happy with the type of system you purchase.

Gas Systems - Instantaneous and Storage[+]

Gas systems come with an energy rating, the more stars the better, which assists in knowing the efficiency of a unit.

Gas instantaneous systems are energy efficient as they only heat when the unit is in use, that is dependant on reasonable length showers are practiced, which will also aid in water savings.  The additional benefit is never running out of stored hot water, especially on metered gas. 

Gas storage systems are an alternative to electric due to the lower cost of gas consumption pricing compared to electricity and it being a lower consumption energy source.  In addition the gas storage model reheats faster than an electric, especially if you're on an off-peak electricity tariff.