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Pool Plumbing Sunshine Coast

Looking for a plumber to complete your pool storm water diversion and back wash plumbing?  We have experience in this specialist type of drainage works and will have your pool storm water, pump pipe work and back wash system expertly handled.

With great fun, comes great responsibility, you will be responsible for ensuring that your back wash system is connected to sewer pipe work and that only overflow storm water from your pool is discharged to storm water. 

Don't worry though, that's what we're here for! Call us for a free quote today on 1300 422 566.


What do you need to do?

  • Call us once your pool builder has plans completed on 1300 422 566
  • We conduct an investigation using our CCTV camera and high presure jetter of your storm water and sewer pipe work to ensure they are running clear
  • We then produce a plan to connect your back wash system to existing sewer line
  • We divert storm water away from your pool, using either channel grates, storm water pits and gravel trenches to save excess water entering your pool
  • You swim and have fun knowing your back wash, storm water and overflow is sorted