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Real Estate Plumbing

As an Agent or Owner Investor, we understand you want value for money. You also want the property kept in a maintained conditioned, minimising the cost of expensive repairs due to misrepair.

What we offer you is:

  • Entry Notice compliance
  • Cost effective pricing 
  • Clean work site leaving both the tenant and investor happy
  • Clear invoicing for ease of administration of property
  • Free quotes 

Our most popular property management services include:

Blocked drain clearing and CCTV inspections

Hot water system repairs and replacements

Managed Maintenance

Leak detection; showers and pipe work

Taps and toilets, service and replacement

WELS water efficiency testing and compliance certificate issue

Managed Maintenance[−]

Spending money is never ideal, especially when the objective is to save your investor money!  

However, the cost becomes prevelant when expensive plumbing, drainage or gas line repairs are required due to lack of maintenance.  

We offer routine checks of flexi hoses on toilets and vanity basins, high pressure clearing of sewer and storm water,  gutter checks for debris/blockages/rust, hot water system adnoid change overs, gas regulator testing and appliance testing.  

A well maintained home holds its market value and saves the investor in the long term, while adding to market appeal.  

Even more reaosn to call us for a free plumbing assessment and planned maintainance quote.


WELS checks for water efficiency[+]

Having your premises certified as being WELS compliant allow additional water consumption to be charged to the tenant.  

We offer a service to check every fixture and issue a compliance certificate whereby the fixtures pass our flow test.

Should a fixture fail, we provide a quote to replace non-compliant item.