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Shower Leak Detection & Repair Sunshine Coast

Do you have a leaking shower? We have experience in water leak detection for showers and baths.  

Call us for a free quote on 1300 422 566.  

For leak detection, we don't need to pull apart your entire shower to find the leak.  Instead we have investigative techniques including pressure testing pipe work, moisture detection monitor and puddle testing.  Once we identify the source of the leak, we can provide a free quote to rectify.

Should your shower leak be caused by defective grout or ineffective silicone sealant, we can replace both at the same time to give your shower a new life with miminal cost and disruption.

If you issue relates to compromise of the waterproofing, we are Restricted Builders for Bathroom, Laundry and Kitchen Renovations. This means we have the qualification required to coordinate all Trades needed to renovate your shower.  

Pipework and Mixer leaks

For in wall pipe work leaks, we may be able to access the pipe work from the ajoining wall, meaning no tile removal or compromise to water proofing.  

For shower base leaks, often the bottom row of tiles need to be removed  to replace a shower base.  That's no problem as once the bottom row is removed, we can remove the tray or tiled base to access pipe work, replace and then waterproof and re-tile or install a new shower tray. Problem solved!


Bath leaks[−]

For leaking baths, this normally means the plung-dinger of bath waste has become dislodged or perished, or perhaps wasn't installed correctly.

For a 2 storey or raised house, we can access the pipe work from the ceiling below the bath or suspended drainge under the house.  Where a ceiling is cut into to access pipe work, we can then arrange for a plasterer to attend to complete the repair. 

This is due to our Restricted Builders licence enabling us to coordinate Trades along with our extensive network of industry Trades, we're a one stop shop! 

Shower screen replacement[+]

It is often a hand in hand refurbishment to replace a shower screen when repairing a shower refurbishment.

We have industry contacts that can provide a quote and coordinate in with our works to save you the trouble of coordinating an additional Trade.

All part of our service.