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Storm Water Plumbers Sunshine Coast

Rectification and Repair

We have a high level of experience and knowledge in storm water diversion.  

Call us if your experience entry of storm water to your dwelling, storm water pooling and not getting away or backing up of existing storm water down pipes and in ground pipe work.


Storm Water Entry to Dwelling

Our projects have included prevention of storm water penetration through external walls, storm water diversion and storm water system replacement.  An example of the process followed for diverting and waterproofing to prevent entry into a dwelling is to:

  • Excavate around effected dwelling to 100mm below footing
  • Waterproof the external wall of the dwelling with membrane that is covered by Form 16 
  • Install aggi pipe work to take the excess storm water and connect into storm water system
  • Install 20mm gravel to surface
  • Remove excess dirt and clean site