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Strata & Body Corporate Plumbing

Working with large corporates, common title scheme (CTS) and community management statement administrators (CMS), our service delivery of plumbing, drainage and gas fitting is tailored to the needs of multiple living properties.  Some of our clients include Lend Lease, Peppers Resorts and Body Corporate Management bodies. 

When a representative contacts our team they can expect a responsive quote, detailed specificaiton of works for clarity for all parties and clear pricing.  We can also meet with varying parties involved in the works from the management team to groups of or individual residents to alleviate any concerns of works.

Our safety management system also ensures that pedestrians, residents and employees are ensured safety while works is being carried out through pre-start job assessments, service location and tag out processes and safe work method statement adherence.

Our Top Body Corproate and Strata Services are:

  • Backflow prevention installation and testing
  • Blocked drains and CCTV viewing of drains
  • General plumbing maintenance
  • Gas BBQ installation and maintenance
  • Gutter repairs and replacement
  • Hot water system repair and replacement
  • Storm water rectification
  • Water leak detection and repair

Backflow Prevention[−]

Backflow device installation and testing requires a seperate endorsement on a Plumbers licence.  We hold this endorsement and have all the testing equipment required for the variety of devices on the market.

But what is a backflow prevention device?  In their most practical sense devices are installed to prevent reverse flow of contaminated water from entering the water feed to mains water supply.  

You may find them on:

  • an irrigation system connected to mains water supply
  • fire hose reels or hydrants
  • a commercial or industrial activity or machinery connected to the mains
  • water outlets in proximity to pollutants, grease traps or chemicals
  • an underground rainwater tank that has mains water backup.

The devices need to be tested annually and are prompted by a letter from Council in January each year notifying of compliance check.  The owner has 12 months to engage a plumber and for the plumber to submit a Form 9 confirming a pass or fail on the device to Council.