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Tank Installation & Connection Sunshine Coast

We are highly experience in various types of tank installations, from above and in-ground tanks to concrete, poly, round, slim line and squat.  

Following Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500 Plumbing and Drainage, our plumbers have the knowledge to ensure your system is correctly installed with the strict requirements for potable and non-potable water.

Our services include tank supply, pad preparation, tank installation, inlet/outlet plumbing and pump and tap connection.

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Quality of Rain Water Catchment

The integrity of your water supply comes down to regular inspection and maintenance of your roof water catchment system.   We recommend installing a first-flush diverter systems to ensure that debris collected on the surface of your catchment system does not enter your rain water tank.  Common forms of contaminates are faecal (animal dropping) and from dead animals, decomposing plant matter can also reduce the quality of your water.  The purpose of a first flush diverter is to isolate the first “flush” of dirty water at the beginning of a rain event.  Once the 'first-flush' has been discharged, the quality of your water catchment increases. 

Is tank water safe to drink?[−]

Accordingly to Federal Government Health (2010), the rain water catchment system utilised to harvest rain water must be well maintained for water to be stored with minimal impurities.  

The visuals signs to look for are water that is clear in colour, no smell and no apparent taste.  The risk is considered low for micobiological matter if the above items are evident.  

The risk is further reduced should a first-flush system be utilised to push the first flow of storm water away from the rain water catchment system.

What are the uses for tank water?[+]

The quality requirements for uses of rain water vary for potable and non-potable water.

Potable water is drinking quality and is the obvious use of rain water.  It is imperative that a well maintained catchment system is attached to rain water tanks.  We can assist with regular cleaning of gutters of debris, sieve catcher clearing and roof integrity checks.

Non potable water has many uses which can reduce the cost of your water bill:

  • garden watering
  • toilet flushing
  • laundry usage
  • replenishing domestic pools or spas
  • car washing
  • thermal buffers to insulate houses
  • ventilation for buildings
  • protecting homes from bushfires