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Toilets Repair and Replacement Sunshine Coast

Toilets, we all need them!  They can become water wasters though if they start to leak from the cistern into the bowl, from the pan collar or flexi or even the cistern tap.  

We can service most toilets with replacement parts and get your fixture running effectively again.  

Looking for a replacement toilet? No problem, we can install a similar set out toilet or change your drainage works to suit a change in style. 

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What Type of Toilet?

Toilets come in all types and it can be confusing when setting out to purchase. Here is a quick overview

Drainge Set Out:

  • S Trap - drainage of pan looks like an S going into the floor 
  • P Trap - one drainage pipe going back into the wall

Water Feed

  • Bottom Inlet -  a tap on the wall that feeds with flexi to base of cistern
  • Back Inlet - water enters suits from top of cistern via a concealed water feed


  • Link Suite - pan and cistern are seperate and 'linked' with a bridge piece to cover the pipe work.
  • Back to Wall - toilet pan and cistern sits flush with wall. 
  • Closed Couple - pan sites off the wall and draiange pipe work is encased in china shell.
  • Concealed Cistern - the cistern is in a void in the wall with buttons flush on the external wall.  
  • Concealed - frame work is built in wall to secure the toilet to, cistern is concealed in wall.
  • Wall Hung - as per concealed, with the pan floating off the floor.